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Authorily? is a marketplace that connects authors, self publishers and traditional publishers with access to freelancers, who will help them with book publishing services. Freelancers list their services clearly and easily, along with their prices. You can simply order the service presented, or choose a custom order for specific requirements. Publishers/Authors can safely discover and hire the right expert to bring their book to life, all through the Authorily platform.

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Why use Authorily?
  • Find Top Book Production Freelancers

    Save time and money when you browse and find a large selection of book publishing freelancers ready to help you publish your book, all in one place.

  • Easy And Fast Ordering System

    It's easy to order book production services. You can choose the service that best fits your requirements and order immediately! Or, if you want a custom order, simply choose custom order and connect with the freelancer.

  • Get Things Done Faster And Safer

    It's fast and easy to find the perfect freelancer to help you publish your book. Once you order, you will know exactly how long it will take. Rest assured, Authorily provides secure transactions between you and your service provider to keep all parties secure. Freelancers get paid, only after job is complete.

How Authorily works?
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  • Browse For Your Needed Service

    With only a single click, browse for the services you need. Whether you need a book editor, book cover designer or book marketer, you will find them on Authorily.

  • Select Your Favorite

    After finding related services, you can view each providers profile providing you with details about their biography & all of their Authorily Jobs. Then, select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

  • Get Things Done!

    Order what you want. You can order the additional services or send in a custom order to get things done more effectively. After purchasing each service, you can keep track of all progress on the order detail page.