About Authorily

Our Missions is to make it simple for Authors to publish and sell professional quality books, they can be proud of.

Self-Publishing” use to be a dirty word whispered in the dark corners of the publishing industry. As recent as ten years ago, if an author was unable to secure a book publishing contract from a major publisher, their dreams and stories were abandoned to their file cabinet.

However, when Amazon.com gave anyone the ability to not only publish an ebook on their kindle books platform, but also allowed authors to potentially earn large sums of money for their work through Amazon.com’s extensive customer base, the modern self-publishing industry was born.

The expertise needed to produce a professional print book, ebook or audio book is extensive

We know from personal experience, finding the best company or person to produce your book can be a long, difficult, expensive and risky process. Where does an Author even begin? That’s where the seed for Authorily was born.

Authorily.com gives authors the ability to publish their own book using professional, vetted suppliers world wide.

Every professional on Authorily works in the publishing industry. Therefore, you are guided by insiders who know what works and adhere to industry standards.

By publishing your book through Authorily, authors save valuable time by viewing, and interviewing the best Editors, Illustrators, Typesetters, Book Cover Designers, etc all in one place. No longer do authors have the burden of:

  • decoding the book publishing process
  • researching each step
  • researching cost from multiple websites and blogs
  • trying to figure out where to find professionals to help them
  •  detailing each individual project for each individual step in the publishing process.
  • hoping the job is done well

With Authorily, you post your project, one of our specialists will help you define your goals to attract the best professionals to bring your book to life, you compare your offers and start the publishing process.

Simple. Easy. Safe.

Our Values

Passion: We are passionate about literature, reading and publishing. The publishing professionals on Authorily are also passionate about their work and what they will bring to your book.


Innovation/Creativity: We encourage our partners, employees and freelancers to bring innovation and creativity to each and every project.  That’s where the magic happens.


Transparency: Being genuine and transparent, both internally and externally.


Service First Policy: We stress the importance of service to each client. Each freelancer on Authorily has a high level of service to each and every client.

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